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Jack Pine Ventures

The Jack of all Trades


Jack Pine Ventures (JPV) is a Jack of All Trades business! JPV started its journey through carpentry, installing tin roofs, and building wheelchair-accessible ramps. Now JPV is made up of 2 divisions: Carpentry and Creative Design.

Our team of skilled carpenters and creative designers have expanded into taking on whatever project comes our way!


 As a professional content provider and creative design team, we have taken on website creation and design, photography, videography, and game writing. We are a team that excels at writing game/technical design documents and are responsible for the design document(s)

 Kings Silvarum. O-wow Natural Cleaner's e-commerce website and Donovan Mills Cabinetry business website was created by JPV


Whether you need creative content, a fresh website, a handyman or a carpenter we have you covered! For we are the jack of all trades and aim to contribute our skills to help out in any way we can



Some of Jack Pine's "Ventures"!



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