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Jack Pine Ventures Ltd.


The Jack of all Trades

Jack Pine Ventures Ltd. (JPV) started its journey in carpentry. From kitchen installs to flooring and roofing.

Now, JPV is a professional content provider & creative design team first & foremost! We are a team that excels in writing game design documents, short stories, blogging, articles, website design & content, photography, videography, & creative writing.

JPV can build your business physically & digitally with carpentry experience & website design specialties.

We are the Jack-of-all-trades & aim to contribute our skills in any way we can

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Jake Benoit
Owner/Operator of Jack Pine Ventures Ltd.

After 18+ years of carpentry experience, I decided to expand into the digital world. Thus, JPV was born! I now seek to expand my knowledge base by taking on new experiences and jobs. I am here to help in any way I can and guarantee satisfaction in every project!

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Creative Content

Short stories, game design documents, social media and website content, photography and videography.


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Website Development

Come to us if you need a small business website!

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Carpentry Services

Finish carpentry, tin-roof installation, countertop build/install, kitchen cabinet install and handy-man services. 


Some of Jack Pine's Ventures!



Website Design


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