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Jack Pine Ventures is a professional content provider and creative design team first and foremost with carpentry and video/photography ventures.


We are a team that excels at writing game/technical design documents and are responsible for the design document(s) named Kings Silvarum.

 Website creation is another one of our specialties. O-wow Natural Cleaner's e-commerce website and Donovan Mills Cabinetry business website was created by JPV.


We are the "Jack of all trades" and aim to contribute our skills to help out in any way we can.



Some of Jack Pine's "Ventures"!



Website Design & Carpentry


The Kings Silvarum Video Game Design Document 

A video game design document (GDD) is written to create, organize and outline every aspect that is involved in the creation of a video game. Over the past three years, JPV has been creating a GDD called Kings Silvarum. The following videos/pictures are inspirational gameplay used as a visual representation of what Kings Silvarum is.​

Kings Silvarum

...is a “Triple A” video game combining the greatest aspects of triple A gaming, into a single all-encompassing video game. Kings Silvarum smashes genres together, attracting people from several major game genres to build a new gaming community around a brand-new product for the over saturated and repetitive market of console gaming

      Kings Silvarum (sill-varr-umm) is a 1st Person Shooter, 3rd Person Hack and Slash, Role Playing Game with major Open World and Space Opera elements. It’s based in the war-torn future of the 41st millennium where the player can choose between 1st person and 3rd person styles of combat at a whim. It’s all about completing missions along an epic plot of betrayal and justice… and the grey areas in-between. Duel evil champions and shoot enemy soldiers in their thousands, all to protect humanity from the evils of the universe. With in-game choices and player customization options to empower the player, they realize the full impact they have on the game. 



© 2016 Jack Pine Ventures. Kings Silvarum The Game © 2016 Jacob T Benoit, Jack Pine Ventures

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