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A Beautiful Dream

You are a beautiful dream

One I visit often

A dream of the future

A dream of pure potential

A potential for greatness,

In the moment, happiness


Do I wake?

I fair not to

For waking rids me of the dream

The dream I hope for,

Ceases in reality

The distance of never-ending oceans

The sickness of flesh

The fear of potential

The fear of vulnerability

Heart sinking pain

But I must wake…

I awake to the cold,

A void without sound

Without passion

Do I give in to the abyss?

In that moment I remember…

The voices of my ancestors

Shouting from the grave

Vibrating my very DNA

Do not fear!

Do not give in!

Brace yourself my son,

For love is the death of duty

This was for growth

Now fight for your duty

Your destiny

Leave the dream with love,

With the remembrance of happiness

For you have lived the dream

The time has come

To bear the worlds burden,

For your time has come

Your forefathers hand the torch

I shall not fail them

Nor our mothers

Nor our children

Nor our woman, the givers of life

Weather the storm I shall

Become the concrete pillar I have

For I am man

Honor dictates me

Without, man is lost

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